Road Trip Snacks to Bring in the Car

1. Granola Bars Granola bars are easy and convenient for road trips because they are packed with protein, fiber, and fats.   2. Mixed Nuts  Mixed nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats. I like to buy mixed nuts that are already roasted and seasoned.   3. Beef Jerky Beef jerky is … Read more

Best Girls Trip Destinations Around the World

1. Cape Coast, Ghana Countless destinations around the world make perfect getaways for girls’ weekend getaways, but if you’re looking for a longer adventure that will excite and inspire you, then head to Africa and check out Cape Coast in Ghana. Ghana is another destination quickly becoming a popular place for girls’ trips, thanks to … Read more

Travel Checklist Before Leaving on a Trip

1. SNACKS  Pack a few small snacks that will fit in your backpack and give you a little taste of home. Take a couple of packets of your favourite biscuits or chocolate bar – we’re sure you’ll really thank yourself when you’re craving a bit of what you’re used to.   2. READING MATERIAL/TRAVEL GUIDE/PHRASEBOOK … Read more