SpiceJet Commemorates Independence Day with Unmissable Travel Offers

In celebration of India’s 76th Independence Day, SpiceJet, a renowned name in the aviation industry, has unveiled a remarkable array of travel offers that are bound to captivate the travel enthusiasts. With a perfect blend of affordability and premium amenities, the airline has crafted an Independence Day sale that includes free flight vouchers, preferred seat … Read more

Most Scenic National Parks in The World

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia This national park is more like a scene from a fairy tale than an actual place on earth, but the 16 crystal clear lakes, breathtaking waterfalls and vaulted caves are not only real—they’re natural formations. Water rich with minerals winds its way down waterfalls and along rocks, continuously changing the landscape as … Read more

Travel Bucket List Ideas

1. Iguazu Falls There was something magical about staying right in the heart of Iguazú National Park at the Belmont Hotel Das Cataratas. Having this natural wonder all to ourselves in the early morning was like a fairytale. We walked from our hotel to the long platform leading to the center of the massive cascade surrounded … Read more

Prettiest Islands In The World

1. Mauritius Backed by verdant green mountains, this pint-sized tropical island only recently opened up to international visitors, so now is the time to explore. While it might be small, there’s plenty to keep visitors occupied too, from brilliant beaches to botanical gardens. It’s not just popular with humans either; bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, sperm … Read more

Best Places for Solo Travel in India

1. Kalpeni Island If you have a non-commercialized place in your mind for your solo travel then you definitely need to head down to Kalpeni Island. Kalpeni Island lies in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and is one of the greatest places to enjoy and bask into the sun, sand and the sea. A perfect, … Read more

Healthy Foods To Bring When Traveling

1. Bubbly water Many time, when we think we are hungry, we are actually just thirsty. If you don’t feel like grabbing for some “boring” regular water, instead try some carbonated water that makes your drink feel a bit more exciting, and more like a treat. You can opt for some flavored ones as well, … Read more

The 30 Hottest Travel Destinations

1. Boston, Massachusetts, USA According to the city’s statistics, the number of total flights, air passengers, and international visitors is up nearly six to seven per cent in Boston. In 2020, the city will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower arriving on the shores of Massachusetts, which is likely to cause a steep increase … Read more

Travel Checklist Before Leaving on a Trip

1. SNACKS  Pack a few small snacks that will fit in your backpack and give you a little taste of home. Take a couple of packets of your favourite biscuits or chocolate bar – we’re sure you’ll really thank yourself when you’re craving a bit of what you’re used to.   2. READING MATERIAL/TRAVEL GUIDE/PHRASEBOOK … Read more