Most Beautiful Small Towns In America

1. Fairhope, Alabama  This tiny Alabama town was founded in 1894 and is known for its annual shellfish phenomenon. Each year, crabs, flounder and shrimp flood the shallow bay in what’s referred to as the ‘jubilee’. In addition to the natural phenomenon, there’s a local brewery, tons of farmers markets, Museum of History and nearby … Read more

Most Beautiful Lakes around the World

1. Lake Bled Set in a scenic spot with lush forests surrounding it and the majestic Julian Alps looming in the background, Lake Bled’s reflective waters are as picturesque as they come. Add in the lovely little island with its Gothic church that lies at its heart, and it’s no wonder that the lake is … Read more

The Most Beautiful Cities in the World

1. Lisbon, Portugal  This pastel-colored city on the Iberian sea is full of visual wonders. Set against the backdrop of hills with sweeping ocean views and colorful tiled buildings on every street, Lisbon is one of those places that fill you with hope and inspiration on even a simple neighborhood walk.   2. New York … Read more

The Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Small Towns

1. Shirakawa-go, Japan  During wintertime, the isolated Shirakawa-go looks like the platonic ideal of an alpine Christmas village set along a cold, clear river, isolated atop a mountain. Get closer, and you’ll see what at first glance looks like gingerbread houses are actually thatched-roof gassho-zukuri buildings. These structures—whose pitched roofs are three-foot piles of woven reeds, … Read more